Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint®presentation on niche marketing and customer involvement for your selected organization. You may use one of the Virtual Organizations for this exercise if you prefer. Include speaker notes for each of the slides. The presentation should explain the following:

·       Potential target market niches for your selected organization
·       USP strategies involving customer input that could be used by the organization
·       At least three things that could be changed or added based on customer feedback
100 words speaker notes per page
Grade: University | Subject: Business

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This paper discusses about a virtual organization

The virtual organization which I had selected was ESPN.

The ESPN was a channel which telecasts sports based shows.


The term ESPN can be abbreviated as Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. •ESPN was a U.S.-based satellite television channel and global cable and it was had joined with the companies namely The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Corporation .

 niche marketing

The niche market of the ESPN channel was considered as…

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