Write 3 written pages plus title page and citations on Inside Job on you tube.
Pick three attributes as they relate to Inside Job.
1. Strategic Plan
2. Restructuring
3. Reputation
4. Leadership
5. Accountability
6. Diversification
7. International Affairs
8. Ethical/Moral Awareness
9. Negotiating
Grade: University | Subject: Business

Inside Job was to be the documentary film about the late-2000s financial crisis and this film was to be directed by Charles H.Ferguson. In this film, they had used many kinds of business attributes for recovering the financial crisis of 2000. In this case, I have chosen the three kinds of business attributes for mitigating the problems of financial crisis and these three attributes were to be based upon the documentary film. The three types of selected attributes were to be strategic planning, reputation, and leadership and these three attributes had many kinds of business plans and direction…



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