Select one of the following questions:
·         What is the importance of conducting a post-evaluation of an integrated marketing communication (IMC) campaign? When should a post-evaluation of an IMC campaign be conducted to be most effective? How might a business apply what it has learned from the evaluation? How might this information be incorporated into future campaigns?
        Why is it important to evaluate public relations? How does a business evaluate public relations? How is the data compiled? What types of services might a business use to gather this data?
         How does the overall IMC evaluation compare to each separate tactical evaluation? Why is this important? How do changes in the external environment affect overall IMC campaigns?
·         What trends do you see in the development of IMC campaigns? Provide an example. How might new technologies affect this process? Why?
Write a 500-700 paper in which you respond to the selected question.

Grade: University | Subject: Business

Evaluating the public relations

The term evaluation can be defined as the process that will critically examine the program. It will also involve analysing and collecting the information about a program’s characteristics, activities, and the outcomes. It is important to evaluate the public relations for making judgments about a particular program, for improving…



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