Determining sample-size is important step when planning a statistical study. It is also quite a difficult task since many variables must be considered.

In Yahoo! use the search term “Sample Size Determination.” Select a University or Government webpage that discusses the topic. Do not use Wikipedia, eHow or or other resource that is not written or published by a University or the US Government.

  • Paragraph 1: In simple terms explain what researchers must go through to select the right sample size for a study. (Be sure to cite and reference the website)

In Yahoo! use the search term “Sample Size Calculator.” Select two calculators you like best.

  • Paragraph 2: Explain how the calculators work. Test the two calculators using a population, confidence level and confidence interval you select. Discuss the results. (Be sure to cite and reference the website)

Please do not use quotes or copy definitions. You will not receive credit for understanding the materials if you use the words of others. Keep in mind that since you did research and you have citations in the body of the post, you must also place a reference list at the end containing the textbook and the articles cited.

Do not use file attachments. It is NOT necessary to upload this assignment to the Submit Files area. Your 2 paragraph main post must be submitted to the Discussion Thread by Sunday.

Interactive Reply 1:
Select one student’s post regarding sample size determination. Asses if it is well-explained. Are there questions left unanswered for you?

Interactive Reply 2:
Read through other interactive replies and select one to critique that did not use the same calculators as you. Try out one of the calculators. Was it easier to use than yours? Discuss the benefits of using a calculator like this vs. doing the calculations yourself.

Each post should be one paragraph in length (75 words) and must be substantive in nature

Use of unoriginal text and excessive quotes indicates a lack of comprehension and shows that you may not have mastered the concepts


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The researchers must know that how many people were needed when the determination of sample size and because inadequate sample size would affect the overall study results. The statistical power, treatment, P level, and error viability were to be the parameters which could aid the researchers in the case of selecting the right sample…



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